Play Therapy, Psychotherapy and Parenting Support for Boulder Area Children and Families

Sanam Pejuhesh, MA

Play Therapy
Parenting Support
Individual Psychotherapy

Are you feeling stuck in old patterns and not sure how to move on?

Has your child experienced a trauma and you don’t know how to help?

Do you find yourself in power struggles with your child?

Is your child having difficulties in school that you sense are more than just academic problems?

Do you want to learn to be more empathic and patient with your family and to raise confident, resilient children?

If so, I warmly invite you to call me to set up a free, in-person initial consultation to see if my services can be of benefit to you and your family.

My approach towards healing

I believe that both adults and children intrinsically possess all that is needed to live happy, fulfilling lives. Often, however, we have not learned the way to reach within ourselves and access these gifts. We find ourselves feeling stuck in old patterns, restless, or unhappy. Problems arise in our lives and relationships that leave us feeling depressed, angry and helpless. These feelings are telling us something, but we often don’t know how to listen and learn from them. When we feel truly heard and understood, we are left with the strength to grow, expand, create and heal. As a therapist I want to help you re-connect with these gifts so that you can nurture happiness within your life.

I work with a non-judgmental, holistic approach. I feel that incorporating all parts of ourselves, the mind, body and spirit, in therapeutic work leads to more lasting change. As therapist and client, we work together to create awareness of the present moment, because it is in the here-and-now that we can create change and foster healing.

The most difficult step in healing is recognizing the difficulties we are having and reaching out to someone for help. By visiting my website you have already taken a tremendous step towards feeling better and improving the lives of your family and your self.